[LIT] Vulnerable Eagles

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[I SAY…] How Annoying Can A Macaroni Salad Be?

http://assets.rappler.com/EDB15A76B7ED4DCF9E3BF59D58B68C16/img/A0ED04A9103941CC8A96465EFFE0867C/EDSA_30-8944_A0ED04A9103941CC8A96465EFFE0867C.jpg It has been weeks since the mark of the 30th year of the EDSA People Power Revolution passed, but it looks like the youth, by the facts presented by them from all sorts of media are still angered. Some say that how the stories was told today were already warped, and is targeted towards … Continue reading [I SAY…] How Annoying Can A Macaroni Salad Be?

[Book Review] Insert Coin: ‘Ready Player One’

Following the intense growth of Science Fiction and Dystopian genres, one must not un- acknowledge the presence of the one that let us imagine all those poorly governed utopias and the technological advancements: arcade games. These games has let us think deeper into the world of technology, and what could be of it in the … Continue reading [Book Review] Insert Coin: ‘Ready Player One’